Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

At RemediumOne, we have extensive experience in managing clinical trials in the field of infectious disease and vaccines. Our team of experts has managed a wide range of trials in this area, including those focused on viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. We work with some of the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academic institutions and government agencies, to bring life-saving treatments and vaccines to patients in need.

Our expertise in infectious disease and vaccines includes:

Clinical trial design and management: We work closely with our partners to design and execute clinical trials that meet regulatory requirements and are scientifically sound. Our team has experience with all phases of clinical development, from early-stage exploratory trials to late-stage pivotal studies.

Regulatory expertise: Our team has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape for infectious disease and vaccine trials. We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure that our trials meet all requirements for safety, efficacy, and ethical conduct.

Site management: We have a network of highly qualified and experienced investigators and research sites across Sri Lanka, allowing us to quickly and efficiently set up and manage clinical trials in this area.

Data management and analysis: Our team of biostatisticians and data managers has extensive experience working with complex data sets from infectious disease and vaccine trials. We use the latest technology and analytical tools to ensure that data is accurate, complete, and reliable.

Patient recruitment and retention: We understand the unique challenges of recruiting and retaining patients for infectious disease and vaccine trials. Our team uses a variety of strategies, including patient engagement programs and social media outreach, to ensure that we meet our recruitment targets and retain patients throughout the trial.

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of patients around the world through innovative research and development in the field of infectious disease and vaccines.

RemediumOne’s experienced drug development teams have extensive knowledge in all areas of infectious disease and vaccines research. Our teams have cultivated strong relationships with investigators, epidemiology unit and the communities though years of continuous engagement. Some of the indications we have worked in the past are as follows

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