About RemediumOne

RemediumOne accelerates life-changing therapies with tailored solutions, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. We foster a diverse, inclusive culture for collaboration, ensuring high-quality execution to bring innovative treatments to patients in need.

Our Journey
In 2009, the journey of RemediumOne began with a partnership of a few like-minded individuals with a common belief in creating a healthier Sri Lanka while at the same time contributing to global wellness.
Our Vision, Mission & Values
We aspire and work to advancing healthcare through collaboration and innovation.
Our Leadership
Navigating healthcare innovation with visionary leadership and expertise.
International Advisory Panel
Global insights shaping clinical excellence and research advancement.
Quality Culture
Excellence through quality: our unwavering commitment to excellence.
Commitment to Public Health
Empowering Health: Our Commitment to Public Well-being.
Site Relationships
Building Connections: Strengthening Collaborations for Clinical Excellence.
South Asia Forum©
Accelerating Clinical Innovation: Uniting Minds for Progress.
Resources Library
Unlocking Insights. Empowering Your Journey Through Knowledge.
Gather, Connect, Inspire. Discover new possibilities.
Make a difference tomorrow
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