Our Journey

In 2009, the journey of RemediumOne began with a partnership of a few like-minded individuals with a common belief in creating a healthier Sri Lanka while at the same time contributing to global wellness. RemediumOne commenced as an organization affiliated to the Clinical Trials Unit at the Medical Faculty at the University of Kelaniya, engaged in a few local studies, with a team of 12 employees working at 3 sites within Colombo. 14 years later, we consist of 100+ employees working with around 250 Consultant-led study teams at over 50 sites around the country, on study protocols sent to us by customers across the globe.

Over that time, RemediumOne has managed numerous pivotal clinical studies in various therapeutic areas, enabling us to gain experience and expertise of an international standard, developing rapidly in both the managerial and qualitative aspects of our work.

Key Information
In collaboration with our valued customers and partners, our unwavering dedication is to facilitate healthcare transformation for global well-being.
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At RemediumOne, we recognize the paramount importance of health and medical research in driving advancements in healthcare. With a steadfast commitment to improving patient outcomes, we actively contribute to the translation of research findings into tangible benefits for individuals. As a trusted leader in clinical trials management in Sri Lanka, we work collaboratively with key stakeholders and global organizations to push the boundaries of medical research and introduce groundbreaking treatments and therapies to those in need. Our unwavering focus on quality, reliability, and patient-centricity permeates every aspect of our operations, fostering long-term partnerships with our clients to realize their clinical research objectives.

The healthcare landscape is undergoing profound transformation, challenging traditional practices and introducing innovative technologies and approaches. At RemediumOne, we embrace this dynamic environment and take pride in spearheading clinical research innovation. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and adopting progressive methodologies, we actively tackle the most pressing issues faced by our research partners, driving positive societal impact. Our dedicated team of professionals continuously explores novel avenues to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of clinical trials, remaining poised for the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. With unwavering confidence, we remain at the forefront of clinical research, pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge, and uplifting patient outcomes on a global scale.

Key Junctures

Founded in 2009
In partnership with Clinical Trials Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya
ISO Certification in 2015
RemediumOne has achieved the ISO 9001:2015
1st FDA Readiness program in 2017
Inaugural South Asia Forum in 2019
In commemoration of a decade of service.
First delivery of a decentralized clinical trial in 2021
Amidst of COVID 19.
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