Vision, Mission & Values

Through our work, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare, helping to bring life-changing therapies to patients who need them most. We believe that by combining our deep scientific knowledge with cutting-edge technology, we can accelerate the pace of drug development.

Our Aspiration
To become the most valued partner to our Clinical Development and Life Sciences clients, role model to our industry
Our Work
A Regional Centre of Excellence in Clinical Development and Life Sciences
Our Focus
Responsible, responsive attitude to our clients
Ownership, honesty, and integrity
Honest, transparent, fair in our actions and communication
Perseverance and belief in enduring partnerships

The name RemediumOne reflects our mission and vision as a pioneering company in Sri Lanka's clinical research industry. "Remedium" means "cure" in Latin, and at RemediumOne, we are committed to advancing the science of clinical research and controlled therapeutic intervention to develop innovative new treatments and therapies that can help cure diseases and improve patient outcomes.

The word "One" in our name reflects our commitment to excellence and our focus on being the leading clinical trials management company in Sri Lanka. We believe that our unique combination of expertise, experience, and commitment to quality sets us apart from other companies in the industry and makes us the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations around the world.

Collaboration is integral to our approach. By partnering with life science companies, researchers, government agencies, payers, nonprofits, and healthcare stakeholders, we provide valuable insights and solutions that have a significant impact on global public health. Together, we make a meaningful difference in advancing well-being worldwide.

By collaborating with our customers, we enhance therapies and engage with physicians and patients. We seek fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, delivering exceptional quality and life-changing therapies that patients eagerly await.

Our work holds meaning when it positively affects individual lives. Patients are more than numbers; they are our family, colleagues, and neighbors. Motivated by the potential of science to improve community health, we take responsibility for working closely with customers, utilizing our diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our passion for patients drives us to accelerate the global impact of life-changing therapies.

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