Clinical Research Coordinator
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Colombo , Sri Lanka
88 days ago
General Scope & Summary

Clinical Research Coordinator provides overall support to the medical investigators in hospitals to coordinate and manage clinical studies in multiple disease areas with applicable research management systems and processes. The individual will perform under supervision of medical specialists working as principal investigators in hospitals to coordinate, implement, monitor progress and successfully conclude clinical studies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the implementation of trial protocols and ensuring adherence to all protocol requirements.
  • Management of study participants, ensuring their safety, welfare, and compliance throughout the study.
  • Responsible for collecting, recording, and managing study data according to protocol requirements and regulatory guidelines.
  • . Ability to work closely with the study team, including investigators, sponsors, monitors, and other research staff.

  • Bachelors’ Degree preferably in health sciences, bioscience, nursing or related discipline
  • Strong interpersonal skills are essential to work effectively with patients, their physicians and families
  • Excellent language proficiency in both English and Sinhala (oral and written)
  • Excellent communication skills & time management skills
  • Flexibility to travel and conduct home visits if required
  • Ability to work extended hours and during weekends
  • Willingness to work from government hospitals
Clinical Research Coordinator
CRC plays a vital role in the successful execution of clinical trials. He / She is the overall in-charge for the trail conduct at the investigator site.
Clinical Research
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Clinical Research Coordinator

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