Fighting Dengue in Sri Lanka: RemediumOne's Contribution to the AEGIS Mosquito Prevention Program

RemediumOne is proud to be an integral part of the AEGIS mosquito prevention program, working alongside esteemed partners to combat the significant dengue disease burden in Sri Lanka. Coordinated globally by the University of Notre Dame and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, this program operates through a grant from UNITAID, emphasizing the collective commitment to addressing this pressing public health issue.

At RemediumOne, we recognize the urgent need for effective mosquito control strategies to mitigate the transmission of dengue and protect the health of communities. The AEGIS program takes a comprehensive approach to mosquito control, integrating various interventions and innovative technologies to disrupt the mosquito life cycle and reduce the risk of dengue transmission.

Generating evidence for an innovative and complementary vector control tool

One such technology at the forefront of the program is spatial repellent. Spatial repellents create a protective barrier by emitting substances that deter mosquitoes from landing on treated surfaces or entering protected areas. By targeting the mosquito’s olfactory receptors and masking human scent, spatial repellents help reduce mosquito bites and subsequently the transmission of dengue.

As part of our involvement in the AEGIS program, RemediumOne leverages its expertise in clinical research and scientific evaluation to assess the efficacy and safety of different spatial repellent formulations. Through meticulous clinical trials, data analysis, and scientific collaborations, we generate valuable evidence on the effectiveness of spatial repellents, informing the development of best practices and recommendations for their use.

Collaborating closely with government authorities, public health organizations, and local communities, we work towards implementing comprehensive spatial repellent interventions across high-risk areas in Sri Lanka. Our focus is not only on the evaluation of product efficacy but also on understanding the social and behavioral factors that influence the acceptance and uptake of spatial repellents within the community.

By combining scientific expertise, community engagement, and a shared vision of reducing dengue disease burden, RemediumOne and its partners are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the fight against dengue. Through our collective efforts, we strive to create a future where dengue outbreaks are minimized, and the health and well-being of individuals and communities are safeguarded from this significant public health threat.

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