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Sri Lanka stands as an optimal destination for the global clinical trial industry, benefiting from favorable national policies, a thriving economy, and rapid digitalization. The nation's comprehensive primary healthcare coverage, well-educated population, access to free standard of care, and similarity in non-communicable disease burden to western countries contribute to its potential as a regional clinical trials hub. With qualified medical practitioners and a dedicated core of clinical researchers, Sri Lanka offers an environment conducive to research partnerships.

The country maintains a robust regulatory framework and ethical reviewing process, ensuring the protection of trial participants' rights, safety, and well-being. The Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry, a non-revenue driven initiative, plays a crucial role in advancing discussions on clinical trials within the nation. Additionally, the integration of new technology in clinical research and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry provide opportunities for further clinical trials in Sri Lanka, fueling industry expansion and progress.

In this landscape, RemediumOne recognizes the vast potential of Sri Lanka's clinical research ecosystem and is actively engaged in leveraging these advantages to accelerate the development of life-changing therapies. With a commitment to quality, ethical conduct, and innovation, RemediumOne aims to foster collaborative partnerships and contribute to the growth of the clinical trial industry in Sri Lanka.

Clinical trials landscape in Sri Lanka
International Journal of Molecular and Immuno Oncology

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for the global clinical trial industry due to its favorable national policies, growing economy, and rapid digitalization directly influencing the increasing global market size of clinical trials. Its comprehensive primary health care coverage, educated population, free standard of care, non-communicable disease burden equals to western countries, qualified medical practitioners, and a core of competent and committed clinical researchers combined with its population’s proficiency in English also make this South Asian nation a potentially excellent regional clinical trials destination. Making an environment favorable to research partnership while guaranteeing the safe and ethical conduct of clinical trials has been a repetitive subject for conversation and discussion in the nation. A robust regulatory framework and ethical reviewing process have minimized legal loopholes ensuring the rights, safety, and well-being of trial participants that are protected. The Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry is a non-revenue driven registry and it can be considered a key stimulus to the ongoing discussions on clinical trials in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the adoption of new technology in clinical research and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry encourages and creates opportunities for more clinical trials to be conducted in Sri Lanka which, in turn, influences the growth of the industry.

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